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domestic violence child abuse

Whether you need an attorney to help relieve you from an abusive situation or to help defend you against allegations of abuse, we have the experience and the skills to defend you.


Domestic violence is a delicate issue, so rest assured that your case will be handled sensitively and confidentially. We provide honest evaluations for every case and will prepare the best offense or defense possible.

Protect yourself and your rights

Understanding domestic violence

Domestic violence covers a wide range of abuse, from spousal endangerment to child abuse. Knowing what constitutes domestic violence can help you protect yourself and your family. Whether you are seeking a Protection From Abuse Order or were served with a PFA, we can help.


Contact one of our experienced attorneys to get help in a variety of areas such as juvenile law, personal injury, motor vehicle/traffic violations, or even criminal defense. When you need a lawyer, we can handle your case efficiently.

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